1. Does Auto Glass Professionals work with my insurance company?
Yes. We are approved by every insurance provider nationwide.


2. What information do I need to know before I call you?
All you need to know is the year, make and model of your vehicle along with your insurance policy
number if you intend to file a claim.


3. Will Auto Glass Professionals help me set up my claim?
Yes. We are ready to help you at any point while preparing your insurance claim and can take care
of all of the work for you.


4. Will Auto Glass Professionals take care of all my insurance paper work?
Yes. We can handle all the paperwork for your auto glass repair claim from verification to final invoice.


5. Will Auto Glass Professionals direct bill my insurance company for me?
Yes. We bill all insurance claims electronically for fast resolution.


6. How long will it take Auto Glass Professionals to replace my windshield?
A normal windshield replacement takes around two hours. Most of that time is to allow the glass adhesive to cure properly in order to ensure safe driving conditions and a water-tight fit for your new glass.


7. How long does it take Auto Glass Professionals to repair a rock chip?
Most rock chip auto glass repairs are complete within one half hour.


8 What if I do not like the way the rock chip repair turned out?
If you are unhappy with your windshield auto glass repair, we will apply a credit for the amount of the repair
toward a windshield replacement. No questions asked.


9. Will Auto Glass Professionals come to my work to replace my windshield?
Yes. We offer mobile auto glass replacement and windshield repair services to the Twin Cities
(Minneapolis / St. Paul) and beyond.


10. Can Auto Glass Professionals replace other windows in my car?
Yes. The technicians at Auto Glass Professionals are trained to replace all the glass in every year, make, and model of car, truck, SUV, and even heavy equipment.


11. Will Auto Glass Professionals vacuum up the small pieces of glass in my car?
Yes. We will remove all the glass fragments and other debris from your vehicle once your service is complete.


12. Will my auto glass repair or replacement take longer if I file an insurance claim?
In most situations, we can start on your replacement right away. There are however, some situations
where we have to wait on coverage verification.


13. What happens if there is a problem with my auto glass replacement or repair?
Auto Glass Professionals guarantees all work for as long as you own your vehicle. If you have a problem,
we will correct it as soon as possible and at no cost to you. There is no need to file a new claim.


14. What if I don’t have auto glass coverage on my insurance?
No problem. We offer competitive out of pocket auto glass replacement pricing. We accept cash and all major credit cards as forms of payment.


Our Warranty Info

Auto Glass Professionals has a limited lifetime warranty on all of our workmanship and guarantees any auto glass we install to be free of manufacturer’s defects. Dealer-supplied parts come with the dealer’s warranty on the part. For as long as you own your vehicle, our warranty applies.