Limited Lifetime Warranty

Windshield Auto Glass Repairs

All windshield repairs performed by Auto Glass Professionals come with a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
• In the event your rock chip cracks either during or after the auto glass repair, Auto Glass Professionals will apply the cost of the repair toward the cost of a new windshield installed by Auto Glass Professionals.
• If you are not 100% satisfied with the auto glass repair, we will apply the cost of the repair toward the cost of a new windshield installed by Auto Glass Professionals.


Windshield and Auto Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Professionals has a lifetime warranty on all of our workmanship.
• All windshields installed by an Auto Glass Professionals installer are warrantied against leaking or wind noises. All moving parts, such as a door glass, are guaranteed to work properly and smoothly.
• All of the auto glass installed by Auto Glass Professionals is guaranteed to be free of manufacture’s defects.
• If a part we installed is found to be faulty, distorted or a stress crack occurs, those are covered under our warranty


Limitations of warranty

• If rust is found to be present during a windshield installation we cannot warrant the install. Rust will compromise the bond of the glass to the body of your vehicle and may cause leaks, air noises, and in extreme cases may cause a safety issue.
• Each dealer-supplied part comes with the dealer’s warranty only. We will provide you with a lifetime warranty on our workmanship; however, unfortunately many dealerships no longer accept returned parts that have been installed without charging a hefty restock fee. For this reason we cannot warrant the part.
• Auto Glass Professionals will not reimburse for any out of pocket fees occurred due to third party inspection fees or auto glass repairs unless previously approved by Auto Glass Professionals management.
• Any issues with the work performed or the part itself should be communicated directly with our office. We will do our utmost to resolve them promptly.
• As long as you own your vehicle, our warranty applies.
If you have any questions or concerns please give our office a call at 612-340-9600.