Windshield Replacement
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  • Auto Glass Professionals has a lifetime warranty on all of our workmanship.
  • All windshields installed by an Auto Glass Professionals installer are warrantied against leaking or wind noises. All moving parts, such as a door glass, are guaranteed to work properly and smoothly.
  • All of the auto glass is guaranteed to be free of manufacture’s defects.
  • If a part we installed is found to be faulty, distorted, or a stress crack occurs, those are covered under our warranty.
Auto Glass Repair
Windshield Replacement Minneapolis
  • Cost-effective auto glass repair
  • Extends life of windshield
  • Restores structural integrity of auto glass
  • Generally Improves appearance of auto glass
  • Keeps original factory equipment on auto glass

Ham Lake has a population of around 15,000 and rests in Anoka County.  The earliest settlers in Ham Lake goes back to around 1855 and was established in 1856.  It got its name for being just west of a lake shaped like a ham.

Ham Lake is known for being a great place to raise your children.  Surrounded by small cities, it is a great place to get away from the cities without going too far.  With its proximity to the cities, its motto is: “Convenient Country Living.”

Some famous people have come out of Ham Lake such as Andy Erikson the stand up comedian and Trevor Frischmon the professional ice hockey player.  Ham Lake is also one of the areas serviced by Auto Glass Professionals.  Get your auto glass replaced today!

Ham Lake MN Auto Glass Service

ZIP Codes: 55011, 55014, 55025, 55092, 55304, 55434, 55448, 55449

Service Locations: